Our reviews are designed to provide you with the tools to
compose your own informed opinion. Not to impose someone else’s opinion and
convince you to trust it. This means we’re not going to try and tell you
why the stuff we’re reviewing is good or bad. After reading, we want to leave
you off thinking now this is something I have to check out. Or, well that saved me a lot of time. We can’t tell you what you’re looking for, but we can absolutely help you find it.

Each of our book reviews begin with the book’s official summary centered and in quotations.

Our Let’s Talk articles and discussions are purposefully meant to
exceed the brief presentation of facts that make up our review format. They are
meant to be a fun and more in-depth exploration of the stories we cover. As we provide
a look into characters, themes and other critical story components, there is
often analysis and speculation based off the facts we have.

Welcome to Highfir Grove! A creativity hub where we explore, review and promote both popular as well as budding media.

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