Looking to achieve immediate exposure for your filmmaking talents? Kickstart your budding passion or career in one action packed weekend with a 48 Hour Film Project.

In another collaboration with JJ Media House, we managed to go from brainstorming short film ideas to watching them on the big screen in Portland almost overnight! How is that possible?

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After registering for the 48 Hour Film Project Portland, we showed up on Friday evening for the kickoff event. There, each team drew two film genres from a hat and chose one as the primary genre for their film. As if having 48 hours to make a movie fitting a surprise genre wasn’t enough to keep us on our toes, we were also given required elements. Each team is assigned a mandatory character, prop and line that must appear in their film. And so was born our buddy-cop murder mystery “Brother” featuring entomologist Brett Rivers, awkwardly interjecting the line “father knows best” into a conversation desperately trying to establish the importance of our mandatory prop, a get well card.Screenshot (9).png

We had our work cut out for us.

Friday evening was spent planning. Compiling the script and working out the filming sites. The rest of the weekend was spent hard at work to have our film edited and submitted before the weekend was up. The pressure was on with our deadline. Powering through plenty of setbacks, screwups and shenanigans, we bonded in overcoming a challenging weekend

48 1

The coolest thing about this experience is that absolutely no qualifications or experience is necessary. If you and your friends (or even just yourself) have a camera, you can register and get your material screened publicly in front of the local film community and immediately start building possibilities. However, I will say that some skill and teamwork is needed to produce a quality short film for an audience over a Saturday and Sunday.

My sincere thank you goes out to JJ Media House for allowing me to have a part in this awesome experience. I hope that future 48 Hour Film partakers have as fun a weekend as we did.

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